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Our marketing portal has been created to provide you with all the resources you need to create an attractive, informative and efficient website. We believe that helping you provide more value for your clients translates to a higher rate of conversion as well as more commissions for you.

FxPro Live Widgets

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  • cTrader Live Market Depth Widget

    Provide your clients with advanced market data normally reserved for industry professionals.

    • - Live market depth information straight to your website.
    • - Live rates from FxPro`s liquidity providers.
    • - Data on a range of currency pairs.
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  • FxPro Webinars Widget

    Expand the content you make available to your clients with FxPro`s webinar widget.

    • - Keep your clients in the loop regarding up-coming FxPro webinars.
    • - Allow users to register from your page.
    • - Expand the educational resources you have available.
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Get the right look with a wide selection of logos, in vector and jpg, to suit the specific needs of your website.

For more technically oriented content we provide you with a variety of high quality screenshots of all of our platforms, so your clients are always in the picture.

Break up your webpage with useful audio-visual content to quickly convey information and keep users on your site for longer.

Browse our comprehensive catalogue of banners to find advertising tailored specifically to your market. Simply input your IB ref and add to your page.

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Embed launch links to allow your clients to download our platforms directly from your site, or to launch web-based versions of our platforms.