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Swap Long: -21.80 Points

Swap Short: -66.25 Points

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Spread MT4 floating
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Instant execution

MetaTrader 4
Floating spreads
Minimum: 20
Average: 26

Market execution

MetaTrader 4
Floating spreads
Average: 23
MetaTrader 5
Floating spreads
Minimum: 20
Average: 26
FxPro Markets
Floating spreads
Average: 23
Minimum: 2
Average: 3.5

Trading Conditions

MT4 / MT5 Limit and Stop Level 0.0020
cTrader Limit and Stop Level 0
Used Margin (1:100 leverage rate) in US Dollar Max. Leverage is 1:25
Minimum contract size 0.01 lot
MT4 / MT5 1 lot size 100000 USD
1 PIP value per 1 lot in USD 10 / USDHKD Rate
Trading time (UK time) 10:00 PM Sunday - 10:00 PM Friday
Minimum step for increasing contract size 0.01 lot
Margin requirements to open a lock position* 0

* - Only if Margin Level > 100%

** Abnormal market conditions refers to section 6.12. of our Order Execution Policy

For USDCNH Maximum volume per ticket is 10 lots. Fixed spreads shall only apply for ‘Instant Orders;’ all other order types shall be subject to the Order Execution Policy.
The above spreads are applicable under normal forex trading conditions. FxPro has the right to amend the above spreads according to market conditions as per the 'Terms and Conditions of Business'.

The USD/HKD combination marries two major world currencies: the Hong Kong dollar and the American dollar. The pairing is heavily influenced by the correlation between the economies of these two nations, and as a result it is typically volatile, hard to predict and high risk. These locales are influenced by highly divergent factors, and this means that movement within one market is very rarely mirrored by movement within the other. As a result, exchange rates can change rapidly, offering the perfect opportunity for profit for the savvy investor.

To add the USD/HKD pairing to your portfolio, contact us today.

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