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Use our online forex calculator to complete a number of important trading calculations. Each of the individual calculators uses the latest FX rates, calculations can be made using numerous currency pairs, with it possible to change the values into one of the seven account currencies your trading account is denominated in. On this page you’ll find several calculation tools and further information about forex rates.

Easily Make Trading Calculations

For a quick calculation, use the all-in-one option, simply entering the appropriate currency pair, account currency, leverage and position size before hitting enter and instantly receiving all the important FX rate information.

The Margin Calculator works out how much margin is needed to open a position, while the Profit Calculator shows the performance of previous trades, factoring in all the fees. Every calculator includes an explanation of how the calculations are worked out and allows the values to be changed depending on your needs.

Further Applications

Calculators that work out the pip value of each position in your chosen currency, along with a currency converter and cTrader commission calculator, are all vital for forex traders.

FxPro also has a mobile app available for both Apple and Android devices, which includes all these forex calculators. This means you can easily make important calculations on the go, whether it’s setting stop loss and take profit levels or calculating margin, swap fees and more.

When opening and closing many positions it can be easy to lose track of the performance of your individual trades. Now you can easily calculate this with our profit calculator. Simply select your currency pair, your account currency, how many days you kept the trade open for, the size of the position, whether you went long or short and your opening and closing prices. Click “calculate” to find out exactly how the trade performed factoring in the swap fee.

The calculation is performed as follows:

Profit in Account Currency = ((close_price - open_price) * Position size /(or *) Currency rate) ± (swap in account currency value *period)

Example 1: Example 2:
Account Currency = EUR Account Currency = USD
Currency = EURUSD Currency = EURGBP
Period = 0 days Period = 0 days
Position size = 10000 Position size = 10000
Type = Sell/Short Type = Buy/Long
Open price = 1.35777 Open price = 0.73044
Close price = 1.35111 Close price = 0.73025
Profit in EUR: ((1.35111-1.35777)* 10000 / 1.35111 (EURUSD Rate)) = 49.29 Profit in USD: ((0.73044-0.73025) * 10000 * 1.54000 (GBPUSD Rate) ) = - 2.93
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