FxPro FX Agency Model

No Conflicts of Interest
FxPro does not intervene in the execution of your trades. Your trades are executed at the prevailing market prices provided by our tier 1 liquidity providers.
FxPro employs Traiana, an industry-leading post-trade processor, to match trades between clients and liquidity providers. Upon execution all client positions are matched and reconciled in real time with our prime broker.
FxPro aggregates prices from multiple liquidity providers. You receive the best available bid and ask prices every time, even if they come from different sources.
Our pricing is completely transparent. cTrader: $45 per $1million traded (upon opening and closing a position). MT4: Spread mark-up for forex or precious metals. Fixed commission of $15 per lot on futures and 0.10% when trading shares.
Your orders are then executed completely anonymously without the institutions in question having access to your stop loss, take profit or any other sensitive information.

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, UBS, Deutsche Bank, RBS, BNP Paribas, Bank of America Merril Lynch, Commerzbank, Citibank

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Competitive Pricing

Best ASK Best BID Banks

FxPro Trading Advantages

  • Deep Liquidity from Top Tier liquidity providers
  • Trade on competitive prices (raw or marked-up) straight from our LPs
  • No conflicts of interest
  • 99.9% of orders executed within 50ms
  • Complete Anonymity (no trade characteristics or trader information is passed to the LPs)
  • Superior Quality of order execution
  • No restrictions on trading styles/strategies
  • Very tight Limit/Stop Levels (From 1 pip on MT4 and 0.1 pip on cTrader)
Best Bid and Ask Prices Every Time

The size of our client base means that we generate enough volume to be able to secure extremely competitive prices from our liquidity providers. When we stream quotes to you we select the best Bid and Ask prices every time, regardless of whether they come from different liquidity providers, which means that you always get the best possible price.

We oblige our liquidity providers to compete for your trades; so if, for example, Bank A offers an uncompetitive price that is out of line with the market, your order will go to Bank B and Bank A will lose out on your business.

Why FxPro?

FxPro has become a truly global broker by catering to the needs of clients in over 150 countries.

We are widely recognised as one of the world’s leading FX brokers, with over 20 awards received in just the last 6 years.

Constant in-house development means our clients benefit from exclusive tools designed to help them improve their trading.

No-matter your level of experience or the size of your investment, FxPro can help you make the most of the world’s markets.