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FxPro Vault

How FxPro Vault works

Transfer funds from your FxPro Vault to your trading account(s)

Transfer funds from your trading account(s) to your FxPro Vault quickly easily
You transfer your funds plus any profit back to your FxPro Vault. You can now decide whether to reinvest or withdraw all or part of your balance to your original funding source.

Withdraw funds from your FxPro Vault to your bank account, credit card or other payment method.
If you decide to withdraw all or part of your funds from your FxPro Vault, you must use the same method used to deposit funds initially.

Your FxPro Vault is the hub of your account funding management and a valuable risk management tool.
By keeping your money safe and secure in your Vault, you are limiting your risk. You can choose to invest as much as you are willing to risk, keeping the remainder safe in your FxPro Vault.

Multiple trading accounts, multiple currencies.
Transfers between a Vault and trading account of different currencies (e.g. EUR-GBP) will be subject to the prevailing conversion rate of the currency pair.