FAQ SuperTrader Platform

How can I use the Portfolio Page?

Your Portfolio is split into three main sections that give you a detailed insight into your overall performance and investments.

The Overall Performance section is the main section of the Portfolio Page, displaying aggregated portfolio performance statistics that are automatically updated every minute, as well as graphs representing intraday, 7-day, 30-day and Since Started performance. Other key statistics are also displayed, such as the total allocated (i.e. the total amount of money that is currently allocated to strategies), free equity (the amount of money that is available to copy additional strategies), utilised leverage, and max drawdown (the peak-to-trough decrease in percentage terms), all of which are updated in real time.

Your Portfolio Page also gives you access to detailed information concerning copied and watched strategies, enabling you to edit copy settings, to open positions with the ability to manage and close trades, as well as to view your trade history and history statistics.