FAQ Credit Line

How does the credit line affect subsequent deposits?

You will be given the option to use a credit multiplier every time you transfer funds from your FxPro Vault to your FxPro SuperTrader account.

Please be advised, however, that in order for you to change your credit multiplier, all open positions and strategies must first be closed. You will be asked to authorise this action as you make the transfer of funds via FxPro Direct (direct.fxpro.com if you are under CySEC, or direct.fxpro.co.uk if you are under FCA). Choosing to change your credit multiplier and to close all your open positions and strategies will result in your positions being automatically liquidated at the prevailing market price. Your new balance will then be reflected on the platform.

Your existing copied strategies will not be affected if you choose to transfer funds from your FxPro Vault to your SuperTrader account without using a credit multiplier (i.e. credit multiplier of 0).