At FxPro we offer complete FX services for all segments of the FX market

Retail traders

Our retail traders enjoy unparalleled levels of service in terms of liquidity, execution and trading conditions. Add to this our industry-leading tools and platforms, as well as our professional trading conditions, and you have one of the strongest retail offerings on the market.


Our years of experience in FX have led to us developing highly effective investment alternatives that capitalise on forex’s growing status as an asset class in its own right. Whether you are a passive investor seeking portfolio management services, or someone who takes a more hands-on approach to your capital; FxPro can help you access the world’s largest and most liquid market with ease.


We pride ourselves on the care with which we treat our partners. We regard our partners as investors in our on-going evolution and we too are invested in seeing their businesses succeed.


As far as we are concerned our mission is never complete, our work is never done. This is why we are constantly searching for ways to incorporate new technologies into the tools and services we offer you. Our in-house development teams work tirelessly to bring you tomorrow’s forex trading today; our ultimate goal being to give you a competitive advantage every time you trade.


Whether it’s our educational resources, expert analysis, exclusive trading tools, our award-winning trading platforms, or the competitive advantages we provide in terms of pricing and trade execution; FxPro is committed to investing in technologies that help you make the most out of your trading. Everything we do as a company is underpinned by investment in technology, ensuring that our clients enjoy the best user experience possible.

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Trade Cycle

For us transparency is key. We believe that this is the only way forward for the industry as a whole. This is what separates us from the rest of the field; a business model that prioritises the on-going success of our clients, and a desire to lead by example, so that traders the world over start demanding more of their brokers.

Mission Statement
  • FxPro’s mission is to provide superior trading services for all clients, irrespective of the size of their account balances
  • To educate people about the markets, empowering them to take control of their finances by making trading accessible to all
  • To promote transparency and fair trading practices by leading the way and campaigning for their adoption across the entire industry
Our Awards
    Best FX Provider (Online Personal Wealth Awards 2016)
    Best FX Service Provider 2016 (City Of London Wealth Management Awards)
    Best Forex Broker 2015 (Forex Awards)
    Best Trading Platform 2015 (Forex Awards)
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