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We invest in training and development programmes, as well as reward systems that aim to maximise the potential of all employees.

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FxPro believes that learning is a continuous process which fundamentally moulds our abilities and character. We place an emphasis on learning and development to nurture the talent of our people and equip them with the right skills.

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At FxPro we recognise that our lasting competitive advantage and success can only be achieved through the ongoing support of the company’s most valuable resource, our employees.

FxPro is committed to creating training and development opportunities for all staff through our performance-appraisal process. We work to ensure equality of opportunity across all training and development activity.

Managing performance is all about execution; ensuring that staff know what is expected of them, delivering the right feedback at the right time and providing the coaching and development necessary for individuals to achieve their potential. It is also about differentiating performance.

Employees talk about their work experience at FxPro

Bin Yang Marketing Manager for Asian Desk
FxPro is a great place to work, because it is a melting pot of different cultures and ambitions. Our multicultural workforce reflects the global nature of our company and our ability to offer our products and services to each client in his / her native tongue.
Dimitris Compliance Officer
FxPro’s actions in response to the industry’s fast evolution through technological innovation, adapting to our clients’ interest through the Agency Model and most importantly respecting all concerned parties whether they be employees, clients or partners displays the company’s integrity as a market leader in practice, not just words.
Vanessa Chief Business Development Officer
Investment in people, innovation and technology are just a few of the characteristics that have made FxPro the world’s preferred broker and one of the top places to work. FxPro’s philosophy is simple: just as we align our interests with the interests of our clients, we also align the interests of the company as a whole with our employees’ best interests, creating a stable and empowering environment.
Mirka Clients Accounting Officer
I am proud to be part of the FxPro team and to work for a company that sets goals and then achieves them. FxPro is a learning experience without boundaries which is exciting. I would recommend FxPro as an employer to anyone who has the drive to succeed. At FxPro you can accomplish your goals, improve yourself, and build a rewarding career.
Panicos Senior Systems Administrator
FxPro is a fast-paced, innovative company that employs the latest technological advances to ensure that users are given the very best trading experience. As a systems administrator, I am very hands-on and have the opportunity to develop and implement cutting edge technologies. FxPro is every IT geek’s idea of a great place to work!
ThuTra Vietnamese Institutional Sales Manager
FxPro is the place to be if you are an ambitious professional. The company embraces each and every new employee, providing all the necessary tools and training to help you integrate and keep you motivated. What I love about FxPro, is the friendly environment you find yourself in from the very first moment you walk through the door. I consider myself lucky to be working for one of the best Forex brokers in the world— At FxPro, employees are given the space they need to perform their duties in a timely and professional manner leading to increased self-esteem. FxPro is a great company that provides plenty of opportunity for professional growth.
Conor Assistant Chief Dealer
Working at FxPro has provided me with a great opportunity to work within a very unique environment. The work ethic and emphasis on team work and co-ordination between all departments, helps to ensure that we deliver the best possible service to all of our clients. The atmosphere at FxPro is one that encourages staff to learn from one another and to consistently enhance and update their knowledge of the FX Industry.This focus on personal development and education enables FxPro to remain competitive in a fast-moving, constantly evolving market.
Christina Head of Project Management
At FxPro you will find a fast-paced environment that nurtures excellence. With the latest technologies at our fingertips, never-ending opportunities to learn and expand our horizons, and a diverse multi-cultural mix of people, FxPro exposes each and every employee to endless possibilities for success. FxPro knows the value of its workforce and sets challenging yet achievable goals to encourage and motivate employees to be the best in their field. Hard work is always rewarded and appreciated.
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