minimum-price-fluctuation=Minimum price fluctuation spread-min=Spread Min swap-value-in-points-long=Swap value in points (Long) used-margin-1-100-leverage-rate-in-us-dollar=Used Margin (1:100 leverage rate) in US Dollar minimum-contract-size=Minimum contract size mt4-size-of-1-lot=MT4 Size of 1 lot size-of-1-lot=Size of 1 lot open-time-server-time=Open time(Server time) limit-and-stop-levels=Limit and Stop Levels spread-average=Spread Average swap-value-in-points-short=Swap value in points (Short) 1-pip-value-per-1-lot-in-us-dollar-traded=1 pip value per 1 lot in US Dollar traded minimum-step-for-increasing-contract-size=Minimum step for increasing contract size margin-requirements-to-open-a-lock-position=Margin requirements to open a lock position close-time-server-time=Close time (Server Time) only-if-margin-level-100=Only if Margin Level > 100% close=Close ticker=Ticker used-margin-per-1-lot=Used margin per 1 lot used-margin=Used margin used-margin-in-usd=Used margin in USD used-margin-per-1st-lot=Used margin per 1st lot 1-tick-value-per-1-lot=1 tick value per 1 lot 1-tick-value=1 tick value used-margin-per-1-lot-in-usd-or-eur=Used margin per 1 lot in USD or EUR 1-lot-size=1 lot size spread=Spread commission=Commission minimum-price-fluctuation-tick-size=Minimum price fluctuation (tick size) swap-value=Swap value сommission-in-usd-per-1-lot=Commission in USD per 1 lot dynamic-leverage=Dynamic Leverage more-info=more info 45-per-million-dollars-traded=45 per million dollars traded trading-time-server-time=Trading time (server time) ecn-spot-metals-note=Please note that during 24.00 and 01.00 you may insert into the cTrader platform any pending orders for this spot metal, even if the product is not available for trading during that specific hour; any such pending order will be executed according to our Order Execution Policy install-fxpro-tools-for-your-chrome=Install our FxPro Tools Extension for Google Chrome install-fxpro-tools-for-your-safari=Install our FxPro Tools Extension for Safari install-fxpro-tools-for-your-firefox=Install FxPro Tools Add-on for your Firefox install=Install daily-low=Daily Low daily-high=Daily High change-in-percent=Change in % change-in-pips=Change in pips mobile-version=Mobile version fixed-spread-day=Fixed day spread fixed-spread-night=Fixed night spread market-closed=Market closed search=Search